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Employment Opportunities

B&M Ashman Inc. welcomes motivated and hard working individuals who thrive in an environment of growth and enthusiasm. Be part of a team where striving for excellence carries exciting rewards and opportunities for advancement and leadership.

Whether you are a returning veteran, a recent graduate or someone looking to improve or expand current employment opportunities, B&M will provide a dynamic environment of stability, training and growth that keeps in step with current and advancing technologies.

You will work daily with seasoned professionals who have years of experience in their given fields. These are “mentors” and “managers” who will put your existing skills to work and provide coaching and encouragement as you work to enhance and expand those skills.

We promote an “open door” policy where innovative ideas are not only considered but are encouraged as part of a culture of ongoing education, improvement and knowledge sharing in all areas. These practices have enabled us to build highly effective teams of:

  • machine operators,
  • linemen,
  • technicians,
  • fiber optic splicers,
  • planners and surveyors

The reputations and work standards of these teams have earned them the trust and confidence of the customers we service. If you would like to explore an exciting career in the field of Utility Construction and Engineering, come talk to us. Together, we will match your skills to a dynamic, challenging path designed to help you achieve your fullest potential.

To inquire about employment opportunities, please call  734-667-5731 or email hr@bmashman.com

“We are looking for YOU “