B&M Ashman Inc. Construction Services

Construction servicesB&M Ashman Inc. has been building utility infrastructure throughout Michigan and the Midwest for more than 20 years. We have, over time, brought together teams of experts and professionals in their fields enabling us to build with confidence a product that will last for decades to come. Our teams are seasoned and highly skilled with experience in a wide variety of environmental settings. Our build sites have included forestry and waterways as well as the urban concrete areas. We can get your product to wherever it is needed, over, under, through or around whatever stands in its way. We take a great deal of pride in our work and the reputation it has given us.

B&M Ashman Inc  construction servicesB&M Ashman teams have experience in executing all phases of the construction process. We handle permitting, surveys and drawings as well as site meetings and coordination with all local engineers and government entities. We specialize in rapid turnaround to meet your needs with new commercial customers as well as new subdivision and city build outs. Our permitting teams are well versed in providing right of way and survey information in all required formats. They work closely with the Aerial and Underground construction teams so that when permits are granted, teams can be deployed quickly to commence build.

Where services need to make entry into buildings, our structured wiring department is highly skilled and experienced in determining the most architecturally friendly and efficient routes to complete all needed connections. We communicate with property owners so that they are educated and informed of every step in the process. We will get your new customers serviceable and satisfied within the shortest time frame possible and all within budget.