B&M Ashman Inc. Announces Launch of New Company

Diversified Utilities Group

Canton, MI, September 22, 2014 – B&M Ashman Inc. is proud to announce the rollout of a new company, “Diversified Utilities Group”. “Diversified Utilities Group” will be a mission driven company whose purpose will be to provide a bold and innovative new presence in the rapidly advancing field of fiber optic technology and network expansion. Newly emerging fiber optic architectures such as “Fiber to the Home” or “FTTH” and other ultra performance “Next Generation Broadband” solutions offer new ideas and opportunities in technological advancement that will serve to enhance and enrich the world of multi service data transmission for generations to come.

“Diversified Utilities Group” will employ teams of surveyors, builders, technicians and engineers highly skilled in designing, building and connecting these new high performance fiber optic networks. “Fiber to the Home” data pathways will connect fiber optic cables directly to businesses and homes. These connections offer vastly higher bandwidth capacity and transmission speeds for video, voice and internet services. These new capabilities are already opening up opportunities in the fields of telemedicine and distance learning as well as providing much higher levels of sophistication in internet applications and solutions. “Diversified Utilities Group” will bring advanced methods of constructing and connecting high performance fiber optic networks across distances and through communities to answer the ever increasing demand for the services they will provide.

Industries today are exploring new strategies and ground breaking innovations made possible by these new advancements in data transmission technology. Ideas such as “telecommuting” networks, are allowing for knowledge and skill set sharing across long distances. This will facilitate connections between employers and employees throughout geographically widespread industries. It will provide expanding opportunities for “in home employment” and “distance employment” across state and national boundaries bringing together great minds exploring new possibilities in the advancement of common goals.

“Diversified Utilities Group” will be a driving force in this evolution to bring the wonders of communications and internet “superhighways” into our cities, our communities, our neighborhoods and our homes.

“Fueling the wave of the Future”