Aerial Construction Services

Senior Aerial Construction Manager Mark Dutkiewicz

Senior Aerial Construction Manager
Mark Dutkiewicz

Effective leadership and vigilant management of safety protocols are key to operating a safe and efficient aerial work force. B&M Ashman Inc.’s Aerial Construction Crews are managed by Mark Dutkiewicz. Mark is a lineman with over 30 years of experience hanging fiber and cable throughout the state of Michigan and beyond. His experience and expertise have earned him the respect of the highly skilled and experienced linemen he works with every day. His aerial crews are equipped with the tools needed to handle even the most difficult and unexpected of aerial plant environment.

Linemen often work in situations filled with unique challenges and dangers. On a regular basis, the job calls for them to penetrate dense brush, woodlands, swamps, waterways and all other manner of natural terrain. This is an everyday expectation in their mission to construct communication lines wherever they are needed. B&M Ashman Inc.’s aerial crews have also earned the respect and admiration of the business and property owners in these areas with their commitment to careful preservation of the landscape in which they are working. This is always for us just one part of a job well done.

Aerial constructionOver time, as Michigan’s communities have grown from towns and villages to modern population dense cities and bustling urban centers, B&M Ashman Inc. has been at the forefront of building and connecting neighborhoods, businesses, schools, local government services and emergency services with time honored practices of safety, quality of workmanship and respectful care for the land on which we are building.

Our crew deployments are flexible allowing us to effectively and efficiently tackle the smallest backyard spans to the largest highway crossings in a timely fashion and within our customer’s budgetary requirements. We pride ourselves in our ability to mobilize quickly and efficiently for your high priority needs and leave you with a quality product that will stand the test of time.

“Build today, endure tomorrow”