B&M Ashman Inc. Utility Contractor – About Us

Greg and Mike Ashman

Owners and brothers, Greg and Mike Ashman

B&M Ashman was founded in 1994. After many years of constructing communications lines throughout the United States and even overseas, a group of “old school” linemen decided to team up and enlist their considerable talent and experience in forming a company to house and expand on their combined capabilities.

That company was B&M Ashman Inc. After 20 years, B&M still thrives, building on the same “old school” values and dedication to quality. Gradually, selectively, they have recruited talented individuals who shared their love of the industry and commitment to the customer.

Along with having developed one of the largest in house aerial and underground construction groups in the industry, today, this hardened team has grown beyond it’s construction roots and also provides services in Engineering, Fiber Optic Services and many other areas of the telecommunication world.

We have teams that handle permitting, surveys, structured wiring and product installation. We keep in step with the latest industry technologies and have been involved in building and testing some of the latest product upgrades and data transmission capacity expansions in the State of Michigan. B&M Ashman Inc. will continue to ride at the forefront of industry technology and expansion and will continue to do so in the traditions that have made us who we are.